A Week in Koblenz

Last week I travelled to Koblenz, Germany. It was such an amazing experience – staying with a German family, working in a museum, and improving my German language skills.

As soon as I got to Koblenz, I fell in love with it. It’s quite a small town, however, there’s so much to do and see. The food is also quite DELICIOUS. I ate Currywurst THREE TIMES in one week!

Top Touristic Places

There are some parts of Koblenz which you need to see, such as the Deutsches Eck. I arrived to Koblenz on November 10th and exactly the next day, there was a sort of celebration in the town called St Martins Umzug (St Martin’s Procession). There was a group of people playing the traditional music live for this celebration and it was such a cosy and fun evening.

Another good place to visit is the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress. It’s so beautiful, and the view of Koblenz from it is spectacular. The fortress is also the place where I had my work experience for the week. I woke up every day at around 6am, had a quick breakfast, hopped on the bus, walked to buy lunch for the day, took a lift up the hill to the fortress – and then FINALLY got to the office! I got to know some amazing people there, and really improve my German and learn more about the office-language, which I didn’t really look into before.

Food in Koblenz

I love street food!! Hot-dogs, kebabs, and currywurst are a must to try if you’re visiting Koblenz. Bon’n Frietjes is a great palce to eat Currywurst. A very good Döner Kebab place is YA Döner, which is located in Forum (the big central shopping centre in Koblenz – located at Zentralplatz). More good restaurants/cafés include: Café Einstein, Alex, VapianoGalestro, etc.

Autumn in Koblenz

I mentioned this in a previous post, but Autumn is absolutely my favourite season! I was so excited when I saw the nature’s mesmerising red, orange, yellow, brown and green colours – really REALLY pretty. Obviously, I took some photos of it, just because of the aesthetic, haha.. Apart from food, I went to the cinema and saw a German film called Der Vorname and I am actually happy that I understood most of it (YAY!) and it was quite funny too. I definitely recommend going to the cinema in Koblenz – the one I went to was called Apollo.

Day trip to Venlo, Netherlands

The museum I worked at in Koblenz organised a day trip to Venlo, Netherlands, in order to visit another museum (Limburg’s Museum) and look at different exhibitions. I loved the archaeology parts of the museum, and I enjoyed the Dutch architecture and nature. Here are some of the photos I took… by the way, I was there for ONE DAY ONLY.. so I’m happy that I managed to take a couple of photos, at least!!

Well, I hope you found today’s post interesting! If you’ve ever been to Koblenz, please comment which parts of the town you liked the most, and if you have any recommendations for those travelling there, do write them in the comment box below! 😀

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon. 🙂

Lots of love to you all,

– Dimitrije




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