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What to do in Oslo

In the summer of 2017, my sister and I took a trip to Oslo, Norway. It was such a fantastic trip, because I got to see this beautiful town and experience the Norwegian food and culture (I am lowkey a foodie, so you will come across food a lot here and many restaurants with ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS food will be recommended as well!). The first thing I noticed about this city is how unique it is because of its geography: it has hills, flat land, and not to forget, a huge port, which is probably one of the most stunning places in Oslo. The atmosphere at Aker Brygge is just so vibrant and there are so many restaurants, cozy cafes, as well as lots of people to meet.

Ekebergparken & Sørenga

So… one of the most breathtaking places in Oslo were the Ekebergparken and the Sørenga area. Ekebergparken was so calming because once you’re there, you are immediately surrounded by nature. Everything is green, there are so many trees and the best part is that you have the complete view of the city from there. Also, if you’re an absolute lover of public transport (like me!), then you can easily get to Ekebergparken by tram. Fortunately, the park was on the completely opposite side of town from where I stayed (Frogner), so I basically considered travelling by tram a form of sightseeing, as you travel through the city on your way to here.

Sørenga is probably one of the most popular summer locations for both locals and tourists (there’s just so many people there!) and if you wish to visit it, I’d recommend going around 8pm, during the sunset as it is so stunning and you can take some fantastic pictures as well. For me personally, it was still too cold to swim in the sea, EVEN THOUGH  IT WAS MID-JULY. If you’re like me, then you can just have a drink and enjoy some really good music.


View of Aker Brygge from the Oslofjord tour boat.

What about food?

As I mentioned previously, Aker Brygge is one of the other popular places, where you can try amazing food and enjoy the atmosphere of walking by the sea and just appreciate the architecture. Some restaurants that I visited include Peppes Pizza, where the pizza is honestly so tasty, and I loved it especially because there’s a variety of dishes to choose from. The second place is Olivia Aker Brygge. I believe this is actually a restaurant chain, as I’ve seen many around Oslo. My sister and I must’ve been to this restaurant at least three times, because their salmon was spectacular (you can see the photos below!). Lastly, if you’re just looking to have some coffee and croissants, make sure to stop by Kaffebrenneriet. Again, there are so many around Oslo, you’ll find it at corners of many different streets. The one I’ve been to was located at Skovveien 8, in the Frogner district, where I stayed.

Don’t forget that most restaurants in Oslo are quite pricey. I would definitely advise to check the price as many restaurants were unexpectedly expensive. I hope you do enjoy Oslo if you ever decide to travel there, the people are so welcoming and even though it’s a big city, it is actually quite relaxing and calming because of the nature and greenery that you’re constantly surrounded by. Here are some more pictures I took. Enjoy. 🙂

If you’ve ever been to Oslo, please feel free to share your experience and thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you have any questions, just write them down in the comment box!

Until next time,

– Dimitrije


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